Thursday, November 03, 2011


It's been about a week since I received the news of my Uncle Mert's death. He was my mom's oldest brother, and had lived to be 84 years old. Prior to his passing, my uncle was admitted into the ICU with a 50-50 chance of survival. In reviewing his MRI report, they had found some fractures and compression in his lower spine after a fall. They also found a mestastasis in his liver as well, causing him to lose his appetite. As I was told, he was not eating, and at a point of being unrecognizable. So, in a way, it was not surprising that Uncle Mert was gone, but words still cannot express how I've felt since.

On Saturday, as I think about my mom everyday, especially since it has almost been a year since she died, and the death of my uncle in the back of my mind, I received news of my mom's sister, Brigitte, dying. She was my mom's older sister by four years, and her health was not at its best in recent months. Auntie Brigitte had suffered the same ailments that had affected my mom the year before. As Uncle Mert had entered the hospital, she had been released from the National Kidney Institute for the foot she had surgery on the month before and the continuous fevers associated with kidney problems. So, to hear the news that Auntie Brigitte had passed away in her home, collapsing in her room, and dying of a possible heart attack, felt like another blow.

I think that all this hurts for me since they are two of the three remaining links to my mom's life. I regret never really learning about my mom's past other than the stories I heard from mom. Thirty-two years had passed since I last saw my aunt and uncle. I was three years old when I first saw all of my mom's family, and I felt that I had reconnected with the two remaining uncles and my aunt last April (2011).

RIP Uncle Mert (10/26/11) and Auntie Brigitte (10/30/11). I know that the both of you have found your peace. Give my mom and all the family my love. You are all truly missed.