Friday, October 03, 2014

Feeling Sick

I often wonder if I am slightly a hypochondriac. I've had horrible migraines, sore throats and stomach ailments. However, I can never pinpoint the cause of it. Is it my diabetes? Is it allergies? Did I eat something my body didn't agree with? It could be one, or some, or all if it! Who knows?

This sick feeling makes me start to wonder how I live my life. It isn't necessarily the best kind of life... It's the life of convenience and the right decisions. I have no excuses for it, so I may be punishing my body.

I seriously hate this feeling. I live my on medications, which will be for my whole entire life. So, medications to make me feel better? I'd rather feel crappy, and wonder if it's all in my head!

Sunday, June 01, 2014

New Transitions

Changes have occurred recently - for both myself and my husband. Both have been a positive aspect in the troublesome 4+ years that we have endured. Between job losses and personal losses, there have been times where the worst of me had wanted to give up.