Sunday, January 15, 2006

So true...

Since working in the medical field, and having the Medicare cap (they only allow about $1700 combined for PT, OT, and Speech for the whole year) kicking in at the beginning of the year, I completely think that what Medicare is doing to the elderly, disabled, etc. is completely unfair. I have seen it so many times with a number of my patients. We basically are saying to them, "Sorry, I know you've had a stroke and all, but we're going to have to cut you off after 12 visits. You are screwed if anything else happens to you. So, be careful, and God forbid you break your hip... oh, well... see ya next year! Oh, yeah... If you do decide you want more therapy, then you'll have to pay about $75-$125 per visit." So, I totally agree with this comic strip. It hass become a game to the government for these patients to get the proper care, treatment, or medications that they need these days. So screwed, and there's nothing we can do about it!

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