Sunday, April 23, 2006

Universal Studios (4/13/06)

Recently, I went to Universal Studios with my niece and her dad (since she was on Spring Break from school). Can I just say one thing? It has been unimaginable how admission prices have become these days. At the beginning of the day, I had about $200 in my pocket. Here’s how the money broke down: $17 for preferred parking (I didn’t want to take a tram to the entrance), $59 just to get into the park, $5.40 for a Dodger dog (not even ballpark quality), $35 for souvenir baseball caps for my niece & me, $17.40 for an Italian lunch (btw, I ordered lasagna AND their idea of lasagna was cheese ravioli with pasta sauce poured over it), $8 for a Universal Studios shot glass, and another $10 for a bacon, Angus cheeseburger meal. So, that’s about $150 alone!!! I think there’s about a few things here that were just a bit overpriced (like the Italian lunch), but I would say it worth the trip. I did pay for the “buy one admission, get the rest of the year” thing. Then again, who knows if I would go there again. Anyway, from the pictures attached, I had lots of fun! :)

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