Friday, December 10, 2010

My Mom

Mom at Redondo Beach - 1998

On Thursday, November 11, 2010, my mother passed away peacefully in her sleep during the early hours of the morning. The cause of her death is unknown, but as a family, we are content with that information. It was a sudden, but unexpected death. It was an end of a very long battle of numerous ailments and illnesses that she has encountered over the past two years. Since her broken hip shortly after Christmas 2008, Mom had been in and out of the hospital with infections, and with her most recent hospital visits for chronic heart failure and kidney failure. It had been two months where we as a family literally watched her "deteriorate." She had a life of many difficulties that I do not think anyone has ever encountered as she did. Mom was full of courage, strength, and an extremely great heart. Family has always been important to her, and she was always the first to offer help to any family member that needed it. She came to the United States, as a single parent, in 1972 to help my brother fulfill his dream to become a doctor. Mom had no close family, and only $200 in her pocket. The instant she set foot on U.S. grounds, she had found an apartment for my brother and herself, and a job working at a nursing facility as a tray person. She thrived for her future... working during the day, attending night school, and taking care of a family (which included a new husband and me). She worked hard to give my brother and myself everything that she never had growing up in the Philippines.

Therefore, as I have watched my mom over the past two years endure her health problems, I saw her become an angry and bitter person. She was not the mom that I was used to seeing in my lifetime until she came home from the hospital in late August. I think somewhere deep down inside she had found her peace with everything that she has been through. Mom became the person she used to be - the happy, loving mom. She celebrated her 73rd birthday as she felt everyone deserved - surrounded by the family that loves her. Mom was back to being the woman she used to... happy, cheerful, and full of life. That is how I will always remember her...

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