Monday, September 10, 2012

Are You Still Out There?

I know, I know.... I haven't really blogged over the past couple of years.  I basically have had an uneventful life during that period of time.  Other than planning the wedding that never happened, the travels to my parents' homeland, and school, I haven't really had much to share with everybody.  I kinda find it a bit disappointing, actually, because there is always something for me to share... talk about... on my mind... you know, all those crazy things!

For myself, at least, I think I will go back to blogging... time to make it part of my daily routine again.  I'm not working full-time anymore, but will be attending school at a full-time basis.  Soooooooo.... I just may have something to share with all of you (well, whoever is left out there).  I'm not quite sure what it is I just might talk about, BUT there are some interesting souls at school to contemplate on... we shall see!

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