Monday, October 02, 2006

A weekend getaway...

This last weekend, my boyfriend & I spent a brief getaway from family and friends. It was a much-needed time for just the two of us. Since we have started dating, it has literally been a whirlwind time. We never really had our first official date until Saturday because of busy schedules and many changes in our lives. Therefore, Rob & I decided just to spend some time hanging out in Pasadena. We went out for lunch at The Yardhouse in Paseo Colorado, and then followed that with a movie. We saw Jet Li’s “Fearless.” If you are a fan of Jet Li’s, this is a good movie to watch. Just make sure you enjoy subtitles since the entire movie was spoken in Chinese. Other than that, a majority of our time was just spent having some much needed quality time together without the interruption of family or friends bothering us.

Anyway, I would say that we had lots of fun together. I look forward to having many more of these types of things in the future. We both can say that we returned home a lot more relaxed and rested than any other weekend we have had together! :)

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