Monday, January 29, 2007

The greatest boyfriend...

I cannot imagine what life has been like for my boyfriend over the last couple of weeks. He’s definitely had it rough as a result of my hospital stay, as well as finding out that his cousin was stabbed 15 times (he’s OK, though). I know that living with me over the past couple of weeks has not been easy. My hospital stay has affected me both physically and mentally. I do not have too many limitations as far as usage of my arm, but I do fatigue very easily because of non-movement while in the hospital. As far as mentally, I have taken it so hard. It has gotten to the point where I just wish that all of this was over, and that I could get back to living a normal life. I have been angry… I have been sad… I have been depressed… My moods often use Rob as a punching bag.

On the upside, when the moods have not kicked in, he has made sure that I have taken my medications… Prepares my meals for me (even though I am more than capable of doing it)… He has even helped me take a bath this evening!

Words often cannot describe how much I have appreciated all of this. There have been times where I have felt that I have not told him that I appreciate and love everything that he has done for me. Therefore, I am letting him and everyone know… THANK YOU sincerely! I love you, Rob! I am grateful for having you in my life!

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