Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The frustrations of finding a job...

So, here I am... STILL looking for a job! It's been two and a half months since I walked out on that ridiculous job in Gardena. I've had several job interviews, but no takers! The problem is, with all the talent & experience that I've maintained throughout the years, going from one industry to another makes it difficult. I've been attempting to make that transition from healthcare to whatever else is out there, and no one seems to think that I have the capability to do the job. The last place I interviewed at literally "slapped me in the face" because she didn't think that I had enough office experience. Well, if she READ my resume, she will see that a majority of my work has been in an office environment. It seems that people don't see how I am an all-around worker... I've basically worked in every department / area in the places that I've worked at. It seems that the lady didn't think that I had enough experience in answering phones? Come on, I've done that for so long.... How difficult is it to answer calls? To schedule appointments & meetings? To enter information into a computer? To fax a document? To photocopy a piece of paper?!? Oh, my!

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