Saturday, April 28, 2007

End-of-the-week thoughts...

OK, well, I have completed two and half days of work at my new job! I have to say that I actually survived the experience. I never thought that this job would become so easily for me. There is definitely a lot of things and information for me to learn and understand in terms of the job, especially since it requires a lot of attention-to-detail. The position deals with creating, modifying and closing out contracts... If you miss one tiny, little detain... Put in one wrong number... It will mess up everything involved and cause the company a lot of money!

Going into the job, I really was not nervous... I think that the only thing that freaked me out the most was trying to figure out the best commute to work without trying to kill anybody (I do not do fairly well sitting in traffic). I found a route that suited me for now, so we will see how long it will take me to change my route again... Anyway, I think I have just anticipated my expectations of what my responsibilities were for this job. I was more relieved with FINALLY having a job to go to everyday... Being unemployed for so long was beginning to get to me A LOT (see my last post). As I ended my day on Friday, my manager told me how she and everyone on my team were impressed by how well I was doing and how quick I was picking up the process. Therefore, that was a lot of weight of my shoulders for me! (in addition, a boost in confidence)

Therefore, I am looking forward to getting a decent income... To getting out of the house... and entering the workforce again! It is different from what I have been used to doing for the last seven years, but I think I am going like doing this a lot!

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