Saturday, May 05, 2007

Another week completed...

I am beginning to get into my own thing at work... I've managed to survive doing this job with out being overwhelmed with the responsibilities that come with the job. I'm actually enjoying myself. My fellow co-workers in the department have been excellent to work with, and very helpful when it seems like I've asked them the same questions 100 times in 5 minutes. I have not quite ventured out in terms of getting to know others at work (it seems there that each section of cubicles is a new realm that only those inside live in). The commute to and from work still hasn't gotten to me, but I'm still trying to figure out alternative routes. I think I may have figured one out going in one direction, but still playing around with the other direction.

Other than the little scare I had yesterday afternoon ... I was working on creating a new project. It was around 3:30 in the afternoon, so I was getting tired. As I was typing up the project, I was not quite paying attention as to how I was working on the project. I kept thinking to myself that I had already created it, so I closed out what I was working on to search for it. Didn't realize that I had already saved the work. So when I went back to search for the template I needed, the already saved project came up. It scared the heck out of me because I thought I erased the template. Asked one of the girls to see if she could help me fix it, and we came to realize that I had changed the project name to the title of the template.... I am doing well. I have adjusted... I have found a job that has made me happy -- and a lot of money ;)

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