Friday, May 18, 2007

EVERYTHING’S GOING DOWN … Well, the servers at least

Wednesday was interesting enough… We spent our day just going through the everyday processes of dealing with our company’s contract administrators being completely stupid. I mean, for an everyday thing that seems somewhat repetitive, how is it that every single one of them seems to be so clueless in what is mandatory in submitting a project? I cannot recall a time when Elaine isn’t on the phone or emailing one of these idiotic CAs reminding them of the things that they do in an everyday basis. I can admit that I am not quite the perfect person when it comes to remembering a task (and I’m new at this position), but many of these CAs have been there for so many years! How is it that you can forget to upload a contract backup into the system when you know that it is required? Who is it that they’re going to blame when a certain project goes through the audit process? The CAs will be the ones, not the contract assistants who are setting up these projects. We cannot create or update contracts in Oracle until we verify the correct information. How do we know that the correct revenue budget is in the proper project? Sometimes $1 goes along way, especially if it’s a $6 million project for the U.S. Air Force!

I just had to get that off my chest considering that it’s a day-to-day thing. Anyway, projects are coming along. Approximately 11:00 A.M., everyone in our department is trying to process our contracts. If you’re saving information, the little status bars on the bottom right of the screen kind of does what I call a “ping pong” status (the bars just go back and forth with nothing happening). The system did not let you sign back on if you happened to sign off Oracle because the screen went blank. Apparently, the servers were down, and no one in the Tech Support department decided to give us a heads up! (They’re useless sometimes)

I am at my desk twiddling my thumbs away (literally). I literally cannot recall what I exactly did to let the time pass by. I think I might have organized my desk, read a little email, walked around the building a few times, ate a little snack, and waited until lunchtime. What did I do for lunch? Hmm… Can you tell how bored I was?

Luckily, the servers were back up shortly before two o’clock. Despite the server going down, we still managed to finish all of our projects. It definitely must have been a slow day if we managed to do that!

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