Thursday, May 17, 2007

ALL BY MYSELF (and no, I’m not singing)


Like I stated on my Monday posting, my co-worker, Elaine, was having "one of those days. " So, she decided to call out sick on Tuesday morning. So guess what happened? I had to solve, fix, etc. all by myself in terms of every single person's problems -- well, so I thought… I didn't really have too many problems to try to resolve.

Problem #1 -- I received an email from a contract administrator. It says that her employees have been able to put charges into a particular project, and asked me to fix it. Don't you just love how these CAs say to "fix it," and never "Can you see what the problem is? " No appreciation at all! Anyway, I went to look at the project, and found that when I had set it up, I didn't change the status from "Unapproved" to "Approved." That was simple enough!

Problem #2 -- Another email from a CA. This one saying that her project manager wanted to place charges on two of the project's task, and asked me again to "fix it." I again reviewed the project, and found that all the tasks had open-end dates -- meaning doing charges and funds to these particular tasks. I email her back, and she tells me, "OK, I was just checking." Why couldn't she take the time to look it up herself? The time it took me to read that email, look at the project, ask the assistant manager to look at it (2nd opinion), go back to my desk to email her, and wait for her response, the CA could have done it herself! My goodness! Do these CAs have any brains? I'd get into it, but that should be another blog. Not really worth blogging about it!

Anyway, since I was by myself to create and update contracts, I just kind of jumped around. By the time I left work at 5:00 P.M., there was no open tickets remaining. I have to say that I did pretty well myself!

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