Thursday, May 17, 2007

OH, SUCH A SLOW DAY (well, for me anyway)…

Monday was a major contrast to the hectic day of last Friday. Monday morning started out pretty much how a normal morning would start. Monday mornings are catch up for whatever projects and updates were leftover from last Friday. I think that my Friday disarray mirrored my fellow co-worker's Monday chaos.

I just went on with my routine… I completed one ticket after another… Having my minor little detail questions answered here and there. Everything bombarded my poor co-worker left and right. If it was not a project she was having problems with, there was something going on in our department. If it was not coming from our department, she was getting phone calls from someone in our company's different divisions/organizations. Poor Elaine… It was one of those days where you think that your day will be easy (like I did last Friday), and everything and everyone becomes a problem that you have to drop everything to fix it! Every time she attempted to sit at her desk to start working on a project Elaine was taken away to do something else.

All that said… There really isn't much else to say. It definitely was a slow day! The sign was when I returned shortly after lunch, I had a total of 10 projects completed by 2:00 PM. I spent a remainder of that time walking around the building, sitting at my desk hitting the "Refresh" button on the browser in hopes of something coming in, and organizing my desk to my liking!

Can you tell I get bored easily?

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