Sunday, November 04, 2012

Day 3: Dogs

I don't know about you, but I definitely know that since my dog, Mya, came into our lives (my husband and myself) that it just feels that everything has changed.  Prior to our life with Mya, it had been two years of mourning.  My father-in-law suffered a stroke; my mom was in and out of the hospital, and eventually passing away in November 2010; shortly after, our other beloved pet, our dwarf rabbit bunny Mabel, past away three months later.  So, I felt that our lives were empty.  The talk about having another pet to love, like we did with Mabel, would help fill our void.  My husband and I agreed that we would never get another bunny because, in all honesty, Mabel was the best.  No other bunny would ever be like her, especially in comparison with the other two bunnies that were in our extended family.  Anyway, since Mya had joined her us in her forever home, there have been changes in our lives.  An improvement in my dad's health... a better outlook in life, in general.  Whatever it may be, there is no true explanation as to how bright our life has become with our little Shiba Inu in our lives.

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