Saturday, September 15, 2007

My Mom's Birthday - Sept. 14

September 14 marked the day that my mom has lived 70 years on this world. To think how my mom has lived her life during the 30 years that I have been a part of hers truly has me cherish having her in my life. Mom and I have had our differences, but what mother-daughter relationship does not? I definitely know, that despite all the words said and all the emotions felt, my mom has always been there whenever I have needed her.

My mom has encountered so many challenges in her life. She moved here to the U.S. almost 35 years ago. She was a single mother traveling to foreign lands with an 11-year-old son, and not really having any sort of close family around to help her out. In 1988, she was diagnosed with brain cancer after complaints of dizziness and headaches. Her doctor found that she had a tumor the size of a golf ball sitting on the base of her head. In 1994, she was again diagnosed with cancer -- this time breast cancer on the left side -- after she found a lump.

So, for the 70 years of my mom's life, it has been a milestone for her. She has shown that she has the strength to overcome any challenges that life has given her. For that, my mother has truly become my hero.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM! (A tribute a day later!)

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