Friday, September 07, 2007

A Three-Month Recap

Hmmm... I believe my last posting was in the first week in June... Well, a lot has happened since then, and I'm not sure where to begin....

Let's see.... In July, shortly after the holiday, Rob moved out of the house - which was for the best - because of some very personal issues that I shall not discuss publicly. That same day, I lost two of my special cockatiels - Sally and Stewie - because of them getting spooked and flying away. To this day, there are no signs of whether or not they are still around (or Bebe, who we lost last year).

What else has happened? I have gone back to school after taking about a year off to regroup and focus. Rob has also started school. Rob lost his Grandma Sally a couple of weeks ago.

Work has been great. It has had its ups & downs, as any job can have, but I definitely enjoying what it has had to offer.

Other than that, I am living everyday as I can. I have Rob, my family and my friends around me... What else can I ask for?

Next thing to look forward to? BIRTHDAY #31! :)

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