Monday, March 26, 2012

Looking back

With the recent passing of my (best) friend, I've realized that there were so many things taken for granted with life in general. However, before I look forward to the future, I want to look back at how my life was like since I started this blog. I started writing about everything and anything in my life in January 2006...

Here's a look back on what life was like:

2006 - My one and only blog for the month: March 5, 2006
2007 - Three posts: March 2007
2008 - I stopped blogging consistently :-/
2009 - Did not blog more, only TWO posts in 2009
2010 - Must have been a rough year... mom was in the hospital that year
2011 - It was all about Mya around this time ~ Mya was born and the first time we met Mya!

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