Sunday, March 18, 2012

Project 365 | A Photo Challenge

In light of everything that has happened, I realized that I need a bit of some stress relief. To seek that relief, I turned back to something that I have always enjoyed doing - PHOTOGRAPHY! Before modern technology even took over with the digital camera, there has not been a time where I was always caring a camera, dozens of film canisters, and my imagination. Digital cameras made my project even easier where I could just tuck it into whatever purse, backpack, or coat pocket that I had with me at the time. Instant memories were cherished (or deleted) forever. Looking at a former co-worker’s and her little daughters’ blog (they each have one), I discovered that my co-worker also had a photoblog document every single day. She had started her own Project 365 based on daily themes that she received from scrapbooking group. I was so amazed to see many of the different pictures she had taken, and her perspective on things. Heather's photo taking has inspired me to begin photoblogging for the next 365 days. I am exploring the different themes and ideas to see what I can share for the next 52 weeks. Check out my site everyday: 365 Days of Mynmay

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