Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Becoming an Active College Reader

The reading assignment for my English Composition class has a few suggestions on how to be an "active college reader."  The author, Santi Buscemi, states the following:

● Preparing to read: Survey
● Reading and taking notes: Engage the text
● Writing an informal outline: Strengthen your grasp of the text
● Conversing with the text: Read it again
● Summarizing: Make what you have read your own
● Responding and Critiquing: Evaluate what you have read
● Synthesizing: Bring ideas together in a new statement

All excellent suggestions to help become a better reader, and eventually a better writer!  I do admit that these have all been suggestions, but never taken seriously during my early years.  This will allow me to see my reading in a different perspective!

OK, don't mind what I have next... these are some favorite "quotes" or tips that I liked in my reading of the assignment.

"Reading, like writing, involves discovery."

"Be skeptical; don't believe everything you read.  After all, even villains and liars have had their works published."

"Summarizing improves comprehension."

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